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Image of Mimosa?
  • Image of Mimosa?

So, this reminds me of a time Mr Cotton and I were travelling with our boys, then aged about 7 and 8.

It had been a bit of a journey. Foreign city. Road closures. Wrong turns. General family exhaustion.

We arrived at the motel - very late - absolutely spent and all flopped into bed without dinner.

Needless to say 4/4 Cotton's were starving come morning. We walked out of the motel, turned left and walked into the first cafe we saw.

Boys ordered Pancakes. Mr Cotton - one with the lot. Me, eggs and tomatoes. To which the nice waitress replied "Well Ma'am, them eggs come with a free Mimosa".

That will do nicely, I replied.

And so will this perky fabric, called Mimosa.

This listing is for a one metre cut, with multiples cut as a continuous piece.

And if you want to share a Mimosa, you'll just have to drop in.